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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indian Tribal Jewelry Origins

 This fall Indian tribal jewelry is a huge trend, it started in 2010 and spilled over to this years trend setters again. I'm sure you can see why, Native American Jewelry is so rich in color and texture, It appeals to the eye of any style, ladies or gentleman alike.
  Indians Mined Turquoise and drilled holes in it, they used many other items from Mother Earth to create their beautiful self decorations such as wood, many types of stones, and Bones, They used sinew (a string like fiber) from  the animals they hunted . Coastal tribes also used items from the beach like oyster shells, clam shells and abalone shells.
 In later years they started trading with settlers to buy the seed beads (holes pre drilled) in order to decorate with stronger extravagance. 
  Native American Jewelry is so rich with culture its easy to see why so many people find it so appealing and I bet they don't even think about what draws them to Native American Jewelry, Do you know what it is about it that fascinates you and draws you to own your own piece of wearable history?

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