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Monday, October 17, 2011

Have you noticed the jewelry sales slow online?

                                            Have you noticed jewelry sales slow online?
Well I have done a little research and found out that it isn’t just me it’s happening all over the industry. On EBAY discussions one person says this, on July 20,2011,”I have been selling jewelry for two years on EBAY and always give free shipping and 10% off all of July and I just received  my first order for July. responses very concerning her post some of them are as stated:
 this month I have started selling fashion jewelry. I have decided to sell almost at cost (once you subtract all the fees, usps charges, etc) to get customers and earn more feedbacks.
I  thought I was going to have lots of sales at those prices, but I am very disappointed.
  As we can see people are trying all different means to sell their jewelry next to giving it away. Lets take a look at what another fellow jewelry designer had to say
,” Are you kidding! My sales for JUNE turned out to be less than my FEES to Ebay at the end of the month. And, as for selling it for what I have in it, forget it, it have sold for LESS than what I have in it. Everything I sell in jewelry I have made myself in my own studio in Pennsylvania. Each piece is one-of-a-kind original. Honestly, I could have cried as I sent out some of the pieces it is so BAD. I think the economy is FAR worse than any statistics we are being given on TV these days. And while our sales go DOWN, the charges by eBay go UP - In jewelry, what I see is mass production in FACTORIES and the stuff being offered at prices I cannot even begin to make it for and it is NOT in the USA. Been selling my jewelry for about 10 years - never seen the economy  so BAD as it is right now and that includes the collectibles and vintage items that I also sell. SALES have been declining each year for the past several years. Looks to me like the only ones selling a lot right now on eBay is factory produced items coming from China, by the zillions.”
  I currently have read an article on stating that Jewelry and watch sales have increased by 8% in the USA in 2011. They obviously must be talking about diamonds and Rolex right? Because here in the real world those of us making an honest living using our talents are losing money and dying out slowly.
 I have looked at what is selling the most on , I didn’t say well, but what is selling the most,  what I seem to find is jewelry that looks high end, ornate beaded necklaces, vintage but not simple, The sales stats for each of the shops I looked at that had sold many items are as reads,
 A shop with lots of vintage items adorning lots of pearls and rhinestone incrusted flowers opened 2009, and has 760 sales to date.
A shop with jewelry weaved around beautiful natural stones is selling them in the forty dollar range and has sold 35 pieces this year so far.
Another shop is selling a multitude of items all in the fashion world, and looks to be using Jewelry as a filler now has had 574 sales since march of 2010.
 My best conclusion for an answer is that adding something to supplement your jewelry business is wise. In my region the winters are bitter cold so it’s safe to say that most people need hats and scarves. That’s why I make crocheted hats and scarves as well as some other fun things like leg warmers, and those gothic looking wrist warmers, they make great gifts and a lot of times people will choose a well crafted thick hat and a soft and large scarf to go with it, I like adding some light beadwork to the hats. This way I show off my beading skills, also if you throw in a free set of earrings that match the hat you will be telling your client hey don’t forget about the jewelry.
I hope this was  insightful for my readers please give me your feedback.

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